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Majority of us are worried about our health, physical appearance and the kind of life style we lead. Health and Well being is something we all crave for, because that’s the essence of a healthy life style.

Every facet of your life influences your state of well being. For a bright career ,luxury life style, maintaining good relations with others ,successful marriage.It is rightly said that “Health is Wealth” because good health is essential in order to lead a happy and long life. We are always concerned about the health of our parents , children , spouses and are always striving to enhance their standard of living.

As parents , we are worried about the eating habits of our kids , since most of them love junk food , chocolates , aerated drinks ,and hardly indulge in healthy eating as result of which it can lead to several health problems such as weak bones and teeth due to deficiency of calcium, as well as other health issues.

Thus as parents we constantly try to be innovative with food in order to bridge their nutritional gap 

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Ravi Dhing

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